Café y Conversaciones

REGISTRARSE AQUÍ Café y Conversaciones es un espacio virtual seguro para: • Compartir ideas • Compartir frustraciones • Obtener recursos • Hacer nuevos amigos PREGUNTAS? Envía un correo electrónica a Rosie Lily a CUANDO tercero miércoles de cada mes 1:00 PM Coffee and Conversations ESP


Understanding Your Child’s IEP with SERC


This training is designed to give parents a more in-depth examination of the components of their child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) document. A closer look at the IEP will help you learn what you need to know to become more effective as an equal member of your child’s IEP team. Presented by Leslie Seid Margolis, […]


Active Parenting Teen

PPMD presents Active Parenting for parents of teens! Active Parenting will give you skills to achieve a fuller, more satisfying family life. Through this program you will learn how to: discipline with a positive approach have open lines of communication teach responsibility, courage, and other important character traits encourage school success defuse power struggles teach […]

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