Students whose parent(s) are active duty military members will, on average, move six to nine times during their school years (K-12). In addition to experiencing moves three times more often than their civilian peers, these moves can include moving to different states and, even, countries. There can be gaps in or loss of services when a student transitions to a new school; and this is especially apparent for students with special education services.

When students have a disability and/or special health care need, it is critical that military families have access to flexible support to prepare them to advocate to address their child’s needs – no matter where they might move. In addition to the myriad of ways we support families, we offer workshops and provide resources that address the unique needs of military connected families.

The Defense State-Liaison Office ( reports that Maryland is home to the following:

  • 28,392 active-duty service members
  • 14,831 active-duty spouses
  • 25,934 active-duty children
  • 18,707 National Guard and reserve members
  • 11,813 National Guard and reserve spouses
  • 20,784 National Guard and reserve children