PPMD pleased to host Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Conference

A Wrightslaw training program featuring Pete Wright, Esq., sponsored by The Parents’ Place of Maryland.

  • One-day special education law and advocacy programs focusing on four areas:
  • Special education law, rights and responsibilities
  • Tests and measurements to measure progress & regression
  • Introduction to tactics & strategies for effective advocacy

Wrightslaw programs are designed to meet the needs of parents, educators, health care providers, advocates, and attorneys who represent children with disabilities regarding special education. The program is not disability specific.

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IEP Meeting Tips

Parents are equal members of the IEP team.  Finding ways to effectively advocate for your child during IEP meetings can be difficult. These meeting tips will help prepare you for your next meeting.

Resource: PDF
Tips to Prepare for Your Child’s IEP

A child’s IEP has lots of moving parts including several pieces of paper which can feel confusing and hard to be prepared for their meeting. This fact sheet has tips that can help families be better prepared.

Resource: PDF
10 Rules of Advocacy

You are your child’s best advocate but we all need help to advocate effectively. This fact sheet has 10 tips that can be helpful.

Resource: PDF

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