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We recognize that families with children and youth with disabilities or special health care needs do not always have the luxury of attending conferences and workshops. In an effort to provide alternative learning and networking opportunities, the Parents’ Place hosts webinars and phone workshops about topics of interest to families and our professional partners. Webinars and phone workshops are listed on our Training Calendar and announced in our email newsletter.

You can view PPMD’s archived web-based online presentations that incorporate visual and audible elements on a variety of topics below.

Making Progress

Parents of children with disabilities often ask, “How will I know my child is learning and making progress?” Parents can answer that question by looking at a variety of data, including information from special education and general education sources and information from outside the school. Parents will learn how to use this information to help their child.


Yvette Young-DeCosta, Parent
Educator at The Parents’ Place of Maryland,
has more than 5 years experience helping
families navigate the special education system.

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Treatment Insurance Law in MD

Maryland lawmakers approved a Bill in 2012 requiring that coverage for autism treatment be clarified by regulators under Maryland’s existing Habilitative Services Mandate. The regulation was finalized in March 2014.

The presentation is geared towards people covered by policies regulated under Maryland law, including people covered by Individual and Fully Funded Plans purchased in Maryland, Plans purchased on the Maryland Health Benefits Exchange, and Maryland State Employee Health Plans.

The new law does not apply to Employer Self-funded Plans (Self Insured Plans), Federal Employee Health Plans, Medicaid or Military Health Plans. However, relevant information will be offered to individuals covered by these plans.


Neal Lichter and Rebecca Rienzi
Pathfinders for Autism

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How SMART is your child’s IEP? A well written IEP will help ensure that your child is receiving appropriate special education services and that their progress can be measured. The term SMART IEPs describes IEPs that are specific, measurable, use action words, are realistic and relevant, and time-limited.

SMART IEPs have specific goals and objectives. They include clear descriptions of the knowledge and skills that will be taught and how the child’s progress will be measured.


Yvette Young-DeCosta & Missy Alexander

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Guardianship & Alternatives: What Parents Need to Know

Among the topics to be covered are:

– What is guardianship

– The benefits and drawbacks

– The questions every family should ask before making the decision to pursue guardianship

– Alternatives to guardianship


Guest speaker is Mr. Stephen Elville, principal of Elville and Associates. Mr. Elville’s work is centered in elder law, special needs planning, and estate planning with special emphasis in the areas of tax planning and asset protection.

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