RealTalk for Parents

Welcome to RealTalk for Parents the new Podcast from The Parents’ Place Maryland featuring our very own, Yvette Decosta. RealTalk will bring you information, education and support because being a parent of a child with special needs can be challenging.

The podcast can be downloaded for free through the Podbean app on all mobile devices. Below you will also be able to not only listen to our podcasts, but also access transcripts and factsheets.

Language Matters

Learn how the language we use to ourselves and to our children can affect our moods and perspectives on our relationships, parenting and self-esteem. By identifying positive and negative thought patterns we are able to scout out the territory for our kids and help them navigate life.

Focus on Fall: School Check In

Introduction to The Parents’s Place’s RealTalk for Parents Podcast featuring their very own, Yvette Decosta. Get tips on how to communicate with your child’s teacher about their progress and suggestions on how to organize your school documents.

Focus on Fall Part 2

Take a look at your home routine and schedule can help your child be a success at school.  Set aside a special place for homework and school items.

Student Snapshot

Learn about developing a one page fact sheet on your child with likes and dislikes and strategies.  Sharing this information with school staff can help them get to know your child.

10 Rules of Advocacy

Learn about the importance of creating a vision, asking questions, and documenting your concerns with the school.

Advocacy Alphabet Soup

Learn some of the basic terms and acronyms used in special education. Learn about the laws associated with the IEP process along with discipline and behavior of students with disabilities.