Please join us in welcoming Mariela Pijem, our Latino Outreach Coordinator.

Mariela comes to us from Puerto Rico via New Mexico where she has worked extensively with outreach, training, and support of Spanish speaking families. She has worked in the field for over ten years helping families wherever they are in their journey by providing information and support so they can become their child’s best advocate.

Mariela has an undergraduate degree in Humanities and a masters in Special Education. She also brings the personal perspective of being a sibling, she has a sister with Down syndrome and her twin has Epilepsy.


What Is The 5-day Rule and How Does It Affect Me?

This resource explains Maryland’s 5-Day Rule, a law that enables parents to prepare and participate in their child’s IEP.

Resource: PDF
Section 504

This brief fact sheets gives an overview of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, a law banning disability discrimination in public schools.

Resource: PDF URL
Introduccion a la Tecnologia de Asistencia

La tecnología de asistencia (TA) puede utilizarse para mejorar la independencia funcional de una persona con discapacidad. Infórmese sobre las opciones.

Resource: PDF

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