LEADers –

The LEADers Program (Leadership Education Advocacy Development) is a nationally recognized leadership training series that provides parents with the information they need to be informed and active in advocacy efforts at the state and local levels. This program offers parents the tools they need to be an active voice for not only their own child, but also for other children with disabilities and special healthcare needs in their communities.

Participation in the program is through an application process.  Accepted participants are expected to attend six full day sessions over a six month period, complete homework assignments, volunteer service, and participate in follow-up sessions.


  • Gain knowledge and understanding about special education law
  • Increase communication and advocacy skills in health & special education
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Increase understanding of where healthcare and education intersect
  • Expand their network of colleagues with a similar focus



  • Special education law and regulations
  • Understanding evaluation reports
  • Section 504 plans
  • Dispute resolution
  • Discipline under IDEA
  • Health and the IEP
  • Developing a leadership plan

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