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PPMD offers families individualized support from someone who knows what it means to have a child with a disability or a special healthcare need. Our team has firsthand knowledge of the special education and healthcare process.  Please contact us with questions to receive support as it relates to your specific family needs.


PPMD offers a variety of interactive trainings for parents and professionals. The trainings provide a combination of information and resources through the use of hands-on activities. PPMD facilitates training opportunities that allow parents and professionals to connect with others with similar experiences.

Our staff is also available for resource fairs and community outreach.

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PPMD is here to help. If you are unable to locate resources or information on our website, please contact us for further assistance or a referral to receive support specific to the needs of your child.


PPMD offers information and resources to support families of children with disabilities and special healthcare needs. Please contact us for information specific to your child needs.

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