Rosa Rivera-Lily works with underserved and underrepresented families including those whose first language is not English across the state of MD to ensure that their voices are heard. She is driven by her passion for equitable services and supports for all who have been traditionally overlooked.  Prior to coming to The Parents’ Place of MD, Rosa was an Operations Manager for a large medical laboratory in Maryland for over 15 years. After giving birth to a medically complex child she found her passion in sharing her daughter’s story and assisting other parents through their journey. Rosa has a young daughter with congenital heart disease, Epilepsy, bilateral hearing and Cortical Vision Impairment who attends school at the Maryland School for the Blind. Rosa is an active member of her daughter’s school community and the Baltimore City Latinx community. Rosa is fluent in both English and Spanish. In addition to her daughter, Rosa lives in Baltimore City and is also the proud parent of a grown son and daughter.

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