Seizure Log/ Registro de Convulsiones

This form can be used to record duration, frequency, and other details about your child’s seizures that can help in treatment.

Resource: PDF Seizure Log / Registro de Convulsiones
Seizure Action Plan For School

This form helps in creating an action plan for your child with epilepsy which explains their condition and steps to follow when a seizure occurs.

Resource: PDF Seizure Action Plan for School
Model Section 504 Plan for a Student with Epilepsy

This form contains a sample list of accommodations and services that a student with epilepsy may require while they are at school.

Resource: PDF Model 504 Plan for a Student with Epilepsy
Individualized Seizure Action Plan/ Plan De Accion Durante Un Ataque

Here you will find form to complete your own seizure action plan for your child with epilepsy.

Resource: PDF Individualized Seizure Action Plan
Care Book

In this epilepsy care book you will find important forms to ensure you have your child’s medical needs recorded.

Resource: PDF Care Book