Public School Questionnaire

Information for Military Families: You know those survey cards public schools pass out in the beginning of the year? The ones that ask you if your child is military connected? Ever wonder what those are for? Read this short Fact Sheet for more information.

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What Military Families Need to Know about COVID-19

The National Military Family Association has created a hub of information for military families regarding COVID-19. This website is updated regularly.

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Financial Resources for Military Families

For a military family, the need for a financial resource can pop up when least expected. Use this resource to learn about direct services, financial support, or information and referral.

Resource: PDF Financial Resources for Military Families
A Guide for Military Families

Created by the Organization for Autism Research, this guide is a resource for military families that have children with autism. Their purpose is to give each family the tools and access to information that it needs on its unique life journey through autism.

Resource: URL Guide for Military Families: Autism
Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood

Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood Making Quality Community Care Affordable!

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Military Parents: Guide for Schools & Parents Compact


What is the Compact?

The Compact deals with the challenges of military children and their frequent relocations. It allows for uniform treatment as military children transfer between school districts in member states.

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Medicaid and Military Families

Children with disabilities in military families, if qualified, can get benefits from BOTH Medicaid and TRICARE. Learn about the options.

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Extended Care Option (ECHO)

This resource explains ECHO which provides supplemental services and supplies to active duty families* who have a child (or other family member) with disabilities.

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