Autism Waiver (AW) & Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions

On January 25, 2021, AW providers and Service Coordinators (SCs) received updated guidance that given an announcement from the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) the PHE would likely be extended through 2021; the Appendix K flexibilities will remain in place at this time and likely through calendar year 2021.In response to this new and exciting news, we have received a number of questions from AW SCs and providers. The following guidance has been prepared by the MSDE and MDH to address frequently asked questions.

Resource: PDF Autism Waiver (AW) & Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions
Extending Transition Timeframe for Autism Waiver Participants Exiting the School System and/or “Aging Out” During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Maryland Department of Health, Developmental Disabilities Administration, and the Maryland State Department of Education have continued funding for services covered by its waiver for individuals who are 22 years of age or older during COVID-19.

This means that Autism Waiver participants, who would have otherwise been disenrolled, can remain on the Autism Waiver after June 30th. Please see the attachments for more information.

Resource: PDF Memo for Autism Waiver Participants PDF Autism Waiver Transitioning Youth Guidance PDF At A Glance COVID-19 Transitioning Youth
Navigating the Special Education System Guide

Created by the Organization for Autism Research, this special education guide is designed to give each family the information and tools needed to successfully navigate the education system anywhere in the country.


Resource: URL Navigating Special Education
A Guide for Military Families

Created by the Organization for Autism Research, this guide is a resource for military families that have children with autism. Their purpose is to give each family the tools and access to information that it needs on its unique life journey through autism.

Resource: URL Guide for Military Families: Autism
A Guide to Safety

Created by the Organization for Autism Research, this guide is an autism safety resource that covers a range of topics, including safety network development; prevention and management of wandering and elopement behaviors; relationship, physical, and sexual safety discussions; strategies to address bullying and online threats; and tips on money and workplace safety.

Resource: URL Guide to Safety: Autism
A Parent’s Guide to Research: Autism

Created by the Organization for Autism Research, this guide made specifically for parents includes information about how to find high-quality information about autism; distinguish between evidence-based and non-research-based information; and interpret and apply research findings to their individual situation and needs.

Resource: URL Guide to Research: Autism
Perspectives on Neurodivergent Students’ Transitions

UMARC Videos Showing: Perspectives on Neurodivergent Students’ Transitions from High School to Higher Ed or Other Ventures

Resource: URL UMARC Series: Perspectives on Neurodivergent Students' Transitions
Hearing and Speech Agency

A private, nonprofit organization located in Baltimore City, The Hearing and Speech Agency leads the way as a direct service provider, information resource center, and advocate for people of all ages and incomes who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have speech-language disabilities.

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