Public School Questionnaire

Information for Military Families: You know those survey cards public schools pass out in the beginning of the year? The ones that ask you if your child is military connected? Ever wonder what those are for? Read this short Fact Sheet for more information.

Resource: PDF Public School Questionnaire
Special Education State Complaint

See here a factsheet about the State Complaint Process, as well as a model letter for filing a state complaint and the Special Education State Complaint Form, which we have made fillable so you can fill it out on your computer.

Attached is also a document from the Maryland State Department of Education which explains their special education state complaint resolution procedures, and a parent’s guide to frequently asked questions about special education state complaints.

Below you will also find DRM’s Sample MSDE Complaint.


Resource: PDF State Complaint Process PDF Filing a Complaint with the State Education Agency PDF Special Education State Complaint Form PDF MARYLAND STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION SPECIAL EDUCATION STATE COMPLAINT RESOLUTION PROCEDURES PDF A Parent’s Guide to Frequently Asked Questions About Special Education State Complaints PDF State Complaint Form Part B PDF Sample MSDE Complaint

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