Parent IFSP Checklist

Now that your child is eligible for Early Intervention services, you will have a meeting to build the IFSP, or Individualized Family Service Plan. View this handy checklist as you plan for your IFSP meetings.

Resource: PDF Parent IFSP Checklist
Am I Ready for My Child to Attend School In-Person? Checklist

This checklist can be used to help you decide if you are comfortable with your child returning to school
in-person. Discuss your concerns with your child’s health care provider and school team.

Resource: PDF Am I Ready for My Child to Attend School In-Person?
CDC’s Milestone Moments Booklet

The Milestone Moments booklet includes full milestone checklists for all domains of early development. It covers ages 2 months through 5 years and matches the recommended ages for well-child visits. It includes age-appropriate activities that a parent can use at home to engage their child and encourage development.

Resource: URL CDC Milestone Moments URL Spanish: Indicadores del desarrollo
Amazing Me-It’s Busy Being 3!

Amazing Me is a CDC children’s book for ages 2-3 that teaches parents developmental milestones as they read to their child. It includes milestones for three-year-olds, warning signs of delay, and tips on how parents can support their child’s development.

Resource: URL English URL Spanish
Developmental Milestones Checklist (In both English & Español)

This CDC checklist includes developmental milestones a child should reach between the ages of 2 months old and 5 years old.

Resource: PDF

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