Webinar – Wonder Words: Using the Power of Language to Help Kids Learn and Thrive

The spoken word is the primary tool adults use to educate, motivate, and positively influence the social and emotional health of children and youth. In this workshop, parents and helping adults will learn the three pillars of “Wonder Words” to elevate the critical tool of verbally engaging with kids: 1) Word choice; 2) Delivery style and 3) Context. Strategies for building emotionally safe environments, boosting motivation, shaping behavior, developing effective academic habits, and promoting resilience will be shared and practiced. Participants will walk away from this learning experience with practices they can
apply immediately to respond to the needs and opportunities children and youth bring to our ever-changing home and learning contexts. Presented by Frank Kros, MSW, JD, Kros Learning Group

Register via Eventbrite: https://sercwonderwords.eventbrite.com
Wednesday, May 26, 2022 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Alphabet Soup: A Guide to Special Education Acronyms

There are lots of acronyms in the Special Education world, which can be very confusing. Use this list as a guide to understanding the meaning of Special Education acronyms.

Resource: PDF Alphabet Soup: A Guide to Special Education Acronyms

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