Military Glossary for Special Education and Exceptional Family Military Program
History of Special Education

Do you know the history of Special Education? Use this factsheet to learn about the beginning of Special Education law to present day law.

Resource: PDF History of Special Education
Alphabet Soup: A Guide to Special Education Acronyms

There are lots of acronyms in the Special Education world, which can be very confusing. Use this list as a guide to understanding the meaning of Special Education acronyms.

Resource: PDF Alphabet Soup: A Guide to Special Education Acronyms
Benefits of Effective Family Engagement: For Students, Parents, and Educators

This factsheet provides examples of the benefits of effective family engagement in three categories: benefits for students, benefits for parents, and benefits for educators.

Resource: PDF Benefits of Effective Family Engagement PDF Beneficios de la participaciónfamiliar efectivaPara estudiantes, padres y educadores

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