Maryland Department of Health Developmental Disabilities Administration Application for Eligibility

To determine eligibility for the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) services, whether state or medicaid funded, you must complete this form. Low Intensity Support Services (LISS) do not require an application.

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PPMD 30th Anniversary Open Houses

Learn about the various services PPMD has to offer and who PPMD is based on the following categories:

Early Childhood

Spanish Speaking Families

History of PPMD


School Age Children


Resource: PPMD Webinar PPMD Virtual Open House: Early Childhood PPMD Webinar PPMD Casa abierta para familias hispanohablantes PPMD Webinar PPMD Virtual Open House: History of PPMD PPMD Webinar PPMD Virtual Open House: Transition PPMD Webinar PPMD Virtual Open House: School Age Supports
Navigating the Transition Years

In this document you will find a guide to the transition process that will help you better plan for transition. It includes information about education and work opportunities and programs, transition services and requirements, and real life examples. It also includes an overview of the process and a list of key terms.

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