Supported Decision-Making for People with Disabilities

Watch PPMD’s webinar about Supported Decision-Making for People with Disabilities here! Also, see here a resource on Supported Decision-Making from The Arc.

Resource: PPMD Webinar Supported Decision-Making for People with Disabilities URL Decision-Making Supports
Health Care Transition Webinar

Watch PPMD’s Health Care Transition webinar here to learn about the process of moving a child to an adult model of health care. Be sure to check out our companion factsheet for more Health Care Transition resources.

Resource: PPMD Webinar Health Care Transition PDF Health Care Transition Companion Factsheet
Lower Shore Judy Centers Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn about the Judy Centers on the Lower Shore of MD.

Resource: PPMD Webinar Lower Shore Judy Centers
Sexuality and Developmental Disabilities

Watch our webinar about Sexuality and Developmental Disabilities to learn about the importance of discussing sexuality, comprehensive sex education, sexual development, and more with your children and adolescents.

Resource: PPMD Webinar Sexuality and Developmental Disabilities PDF Tips to Support Learning about Sexuality PDF Misunderstandings about Sex Education PDF Sexuality and DD Resources for Families
Transition in Maryland – 5 Tips for Families

Its Back to School Time! During this time of COVID when so many parents are figuring out and doing a great job around virtual learning, others are also thinking about transition. Transition planning is as important as reading and math. It is important for you, as the family of a student with a disability, to actively participate and partner in the transition planning process. In this video, we will provide you with Five helpful tips for developing a strong transition plan that will help your student with disabilities achieve their greatest potential. For questions about transition please contact The Parents’ Place of Maryland at 1-800-394-5694.

Resource: PPMD Webinar Transition in Maryland - 5 Tips for Families PPMD Webinar Transición en Maryland - 5 consejos para familias
Eating During a Pandemic Webinar

Watch our webinar to learn how to prioritize your family’s nutrition in unprecedented times. Featuring a licensed dietician.

Resource: PPMD Webinar Eating During a Pandemic: Prioritizing Your Family's Nutirition in Unprecedented Times
Self-Care Resources

Watch this PPMD webinar for helpful tips about taking care of yourself during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Use these companion tip sheets and resources.

Resource: PPMD Webinar Take Care of Yourself: Self-Care Webinar PDF Self-Care Resources PDF Ways to Improve Resilience and Well-Being PDF Reflective Questions for Mindfulness PDF Resources to Lessen COVID-19 Trauma
COVID-19 and What’s Next: What Parents Need to Know Webinar & Companion Resources

Watch this PPMD webinar for helpful resources on what you need to know about how the COVID-19 Pandemic and School Closures affect your child’s education and special education services on PPMD’s YouTube channel, linked below in the resource section. Use these companion tip sheets and resources.

Resource: PPMD Webinar COVID-19: What's Next? Webinar PDF Top 10 Tips for Parents - COVID-19 PDF Monitoring Progress How to Document the Impact of Online Learning PDF Sample Progress Monitoring Pages PDF Disability Rights MD Guide for Parents in Continuity of Learning URL PPMD's Youtube Channel PDF 10 Consejos PrincipalesComo Navegar la Educación EspecialDurante COVID-19

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