Family Guide to At-Home Learning

This guide has practical strategies that work for helping children of all ages who may be struggling with an at-home learning task. Families may find these strategies useful when helping their children complete various reading, math, and/or behavioral tasks at home.

Resource: PDF Family Guide to At-Home Learning
Parent Tips for a Virtual IEP Meeting

IEP meetings will still be held despite not being able to meet in person. Read these tips on how to prepare and take part in a virtual IEP meeting.

Resource: PDF PDF Consejos Para Padres Para Reuniones Virtuales de IEP
How to Set Up a Mobile Hotspot

Your phone carrier may allow you to set up a mobile hotspot through your smartphone at a lower cost to help with your internet needs during COVID-19. Use this guide to help set up your mobile hotspot on your android or iPhone.

Resource: PDF How to Set Up a Mobile Hotspot

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