ReSET Family Decision Making Tool

Restarting Safe Education and Testing (ReSET) for children with medical complexity has created a decision making tool for families. This tool will help you make the best decisions for your child and family with COVID-19’s frequent changes.

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Plain Language COVID-19 Fact Sheets

The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council (Council) and the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) have created 7 different fact sheets about COVID-19. Fact sheet topics include: Testing, High Risk Health Conditions, Vaccines, Vaccinations at Home, Vaccines for Children Age 5-11, Monoclonal Antibody Treatment, Booster Shots.

All fact sheets are translated into multiple languages! Spanish, Russian, Korean, French, Chinese, and Amharic.

Resource: PDF COVID-19 FYI Testing PDF COVID-19 FYI High Rish Health Conditions PDF COVID-19 FYI Vaccines PDF COVID-19 FYI Vaccinations at Home PDF COVID-19 FYI Vaccines for Children Ages 5-11 PDF COVID-19 FYI Monoclonal Antibody Treatment PDF COVID-19 FYI Booster Shots URL Spanish - Español URL Russian - русский URL Korean - 한국인 URL French - français URL Chinese - 中文 URL Amharic - አማርኛ
Social Story: Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

The Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities at Kennedy Krieger Institute is part of a national collaboration to create a virtual “Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities.” The Center created the attached plain language social story regarding getting the vaccine.

Resource: PDF Social Story: Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine PDF Spanish PDF Social Story: Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine - Chinese PDF Social Story: Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine - French PDF Social Story: Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine - Russian PDF Social Story: Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine - Haitian Creole
Benefits of Telehealth and Telemedicine

The presence of telehealth and telemedicine is here to stay. Watch this webinar to learn about the benefits of telehealth and telemedicine on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Resource: PPMD Webinar

We cannot stress enough the importance of self-care, especially in times like these. Use this fact sheet to understand the basics of self-care.

Resource: PDF Self-Care

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