What Military Families Need to Know about COVID-19

The National Military Family Association has created a hub of information for military families regarding COVID-19. This website is updated regularly.

Resource: URL What Military Families Need to Know about COVID-19
Resources for the Rare Disease Community

The following fact sheet was adapted from the webinar, “A Rare Response: Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic” sponsored by National Organization for Rare Diseases (NORD) on March 31, 2020

Resource: PDF Resources for the Rare Disease Community
Parent Guides for Face Mask Use

PPMD has created a factsheet with helpful hints for getting your child to wear a face mask.

The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities at the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School created these resources for parents to support their children in wearing face masks.

Resource: PDF PPMD's Helpful Hints for Face Masks PDF I Can Stay Healthy by Wearing a Face Mask PDF Helping Your Child Wear a Face Mask PDF Help Your Child Feel Good about Using and Seeing Others Wearing Face Masks
DD Council Resources

Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council has created a resource to support families engage in virtual meetings. View this resource here in English and Spanish.

Resource: PDF Virtual Meeting Infographic English PDF Virtual Meeting Infographic Spanish
TOP 10 TIPS for Distance Learning for Young Children

Use this resource to learn tips for distance learning if you have young children.

Resource: PDF Top 10 Tips for Young Children
MD Department of Health Issues Guidance for for Transitioning Youth and Families

On May 12th, The Maryland Department of Health issued guidance on Transitioning Youth Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Resource: PDF Transitioning Youth Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic
MD Departments of Disabilities and Health Issue Guidance for Patients with Disabilities

On May 11th, the Maryland Department of Disabilities and Department of Health issued joint departmental guidance on access to supports for patients with disabilities in hospital settings during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Resource: PDF Access to Support for Patients with Disabilities in Hospital Settings
MD Dept of Health Expands Definition of Telehealth

The Maryland Department of Health has expanded the definition of a telehealth originating site to include a participant’s home or any other secure location as approved by the participant and the provider for purpose of delivery of Medicaid-covered services. This expansion applies to services delivered to a Medicaid participant via fee-for-service or through a HealthChoice Managed Care Organization (“MCO”).

Resource: URL MD Expansion of TeleHealth
PPMD Resource List for Coronavirus Pandemic

PPMD links to many Maryland based resources, available in English and Spanish

Resource: PDF PPMD Resource List - Coronavirus PDF PPMD Resource List - Coronavirus (Spanish)
Updated Coronavirus Links for MD Dept of Health and MSDE

Update Information on Coronavirus Pandemic in Maryland to include the Maryland Department of Health

The Maryland State Department of Education: closure of all public schools in Maryland for an additional four weeks through April 24, 2020

Resource: URL Maryland Department of Health Coronavirus Website URL Maryland State Department of Education
Wrightslaw Q&A on FAPE and Coronavirus

Wrightslaw just put out a newly published resource to answer questions about IEPs, IEP meetings and evaluations, and additional resources for at home support.

Resource: URL Q&A on FAPE regarding Coronavirus Pandemic URL Wrightslaw resources for home during Pandemic
Coronavirus Social Story

New Coronavirus Social Story from The Autism Educator

Resource: PDF
US Dept of Education-Office of Civil Right Fact Sheet

March 18, 2020: US Department of Education-Office of Civil Rights released a Fact Sheet Addressing the Risk of COVID-19 in Schools While Protecting the Civil Rights of Students

Resource: PDF
Plain Language Booklet on Coronavirus

This easy to read booklet about the Coronavirus is from SARTAC was written by and for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). It focuses on “need to know” information (not “nice to know” information).

Resource: URL Plain Language Booklet on Coronavirus URL Spanish Plain Language Booklet on Coronavirus
Cartoon for Kids About Coronavirus

For your children, National Public Radio (NPR) collaborated with experts in social work and mental health to provide this cartoon for kids.

Resource: PDF URL NPR Story about Cartoon for Kids About Coronavirus
Current resources and information on the Coronavirus Pandemic

You can find resources from the State of Maryland and national groups in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in our Resource Section

Resource: URL

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