Telehealth Services: Webinar and Companion Resources

Watch this PPMD webinar to learn about telehealth during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Use these companion resources to view guides and other information about telehealth.

Resource: PPMD Webinar Telehealth in a Pandemic Webinar PDF A Children's Guide to Telehealth PDF Maryland Department of Health Guidance on Well-Child Visits and Preventative Care During COVID-19 PDF How Patients can Engage Telehealth URL Is it okay to call the pediatrician during COVID-19?
MD Dept of Health Expands Definition of Telehealth

The Maryland Department of Health has expanded the definition of a telehealth originating site to include a participant’s home or any other secure location as approved by the participant and the provider for purpose of delivery of Medicaid-covered services. This expansion applies to services delivered to a Medicaid participant via fee-for-service or through a HealthChoice Managed Care Organization (“MCO”).

Resource: URL MD Expansion of TeleHealth

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