ReSET Family Decision Making Tool

Restarting Safe Education and Testing (ReSET) for children with medical complexity has created a decision making tool for families. This tool will help you make the best decisions for your child and family with COVID-19’s frequent changes.

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Plain Language COVID-19 Fact Sheets

The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council (Council) and the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) have created 7 different fact sheets about COVID-19. Fact sheet topics include: Testing, High Risk Health Conditions, Vaccines, Vaccinations at Home, Vaccines for Children Age 5-11, Monoclonal Antibody Treatment, Booster Shots.

All fact sheets are translated into multiple languages! Spanish, Russian, Korean, French, Chinese, and Amharic.

Resource: PDF COVID-19 FYI Testing PDF COVID-19 FYI High Rish Health Conditions PDF COVID-19 FYI Vaccines PDF COVID-19 FYI Vaccinations at Home PDF COVID-19 FYI Vaccines for Children Ages 5-11 PDF COVID-19 FYI Monoclonal Antibody Treatment PDF COVID-19 FYI Booster Shots URL Spanish - Español URL Russian - русский URL Korean - 한국인 URL French - français URL Chinese - 中文 URL Amharic - አማርኛ
Korean Translated COVID-19 Materials

Information for families who speak Korean!

CIDA is excited to share a Korean translated version of COVID-19 Materials for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Care Providers. The original materials were developed by the Center for Disease Control.

장애가정들을 위한 정보와 도움


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COVID-19 Vaccination for children ages 5 -11 (and up!)
COVID-19 Vaccination for children ages 5-11 (and up!)
This is a safe and effective vaccine. Like other pediatric vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccine was thoroughly tested and then reviewed by the FDA and CDC before these agencies authorized and recommended it for wide use. The vaccine will be available at no cost and regardless of citizenship or insurance status. Check with your child’s healthcare provider about whether they offer COVID-19 vaccination or check here!
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COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

Myths and misinformation about the COVID-19 Vaccine and what it does to our bodies have been floating around since before we were able to receive the vaccine. The CDC has provided factual information that bust these myths and clear up any misunderstanding. Find this information below!

Resource: URL Is it safe to get vaccine if I want to have a baby one day? URL Will getting a COVID-19 vaccine cause me to test positive? URL Can a COVID-19 vaccine make me sick with COVID-19?
How to Get Unstuck During Remote Learning

As parents, we face challenges when we try to help our children in their school work. It is even more challenging when we are “going to school” from home. Sometimes children may get stuck and frustrated during remote learning. Here are some strategies and tools to help your child get “unstuck” when they are frustrated with learning. These will help your child be more independent and successful learners. Choose what works for you.

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Confronting COVID-19-Related Harassment in Schools

The U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division and U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights have created a resource for families to help if they believe that their children have been harassed in school. If a child/youth has experienced harassment this resource includes steps a family can take.

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Telehealth: What is it and Why is it Important?

Watch this webinar to learn the importance of Telehealth from PPMD and Dr. Debbie Badawi from the University of Maryland Department of Pediatrics.

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Zoom, Google Classroom, G Suite, Oh My!

This PPMD webinar will help you and your family navigate Zoom, Google Classroom, G Suite and more virtual platforms!

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Benefits of Telehealth and Telemedicine

The presence of telehealth and telemedicine is here to stay. Watch this webinar to learn about the benefits of telehealth and telemedicine on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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