Korean Translated COVID-19 Materials

Information for families who speak Korean!

CIDA is excited to share a Korean translated version of COVID-19 Materials for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Care Providers. The original materials were developed by the Center for Disease Control.

장애가정들을 위한 정보와 도움


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Benefits of Effective Family Engagement: For Students, Parents, and Educators

This factsheet provides examples of the benefits of effective family engagement in three categories: benefits for students, benefits for parents, and benefits for educators.

Resource: PDF Benefits of Effective Family Engagement PDF Beneficios de la participaciónfamiliar efectivaPara estudiantes, padres y educadores
5 Special Factors in IEP Development

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) lists five special factors that your child’s IEP team must consider while developing your child’s IEP. Use this factsheet to learn about these five special factors.

Resource: PDF 5 Special Factors in IEP Development PDF Factores especiales en el desarrollo del IEP
Common Accommodations and Modifications in School

There are many ways teachers can help kids who are struggling in school. Here are some
common accommodations and modifications that schools and families can discuss as possible options for kids.

Resource: PDF Common Accommodations and Modifications in School PDF Adaptaciones y modificaciones comunes en la escuela
Homeschooling, Home & Hospital Instruction, Remote Learning… What Do They All Mean?!

Understanding terms is important. Use this factsheet to understand the difference between home school, home and hospital instruction, and remote learning.

Resource: PDF Homeschooling, Home & Hospital Instruction, Remote Learning... What Do They All Mean?! PDF Educación en el hogar, instrucción en el hogar y en el hospital, aprendizaje remoto ... ¡¿Qué significan todos?!
Free Appropriate Public Education

Use this factsheet to understand what it means to truly have Free and Appropriate Public Education.

Resource: PDF Free Appropriate Public Education PDF Educación Pública Gratuititay Apropiada (FAPE, por sus siglas en ingles)
School Policy vs. IDEA

School has started which means there are many policies and guidance being sent. Here is a quick one-pager to remind you of the importance of your child’s IEP.

Resource: PDF School Policy vs. IDEA PDF Política Escolar vs. IDEA
Specially Designed Instruction Is and Is Not

Use this guide to understand what is and what isn’t Specially Designed Instruction (SDI).

Resource: PDF SDI Is and Is Not PDF Instrucción especialmente diseñada o Specially Designed Instruction en inglés (SDI)
Questions to Ask Your Child’s School Team for Support with Behaviors

PPMD collaborated with TIES Center to bring you a factsheet that will help you ask questions to your child’s school team to support your child’s behaviors at home during distance learning.

Resource: PDF Questions to Ask Your Child’s School Team for Support with Behaviors PDF Preguntas para hacerle al equipo escolar de su hijo para obtener apoyo con las conductas
Dreambox Learning

Some schools are using Dreambox Learning – find out what you need to know about this tool.

Resource: PDF Dreambox Learning PDF Dreambox - Spanish
Zoom & Tele-Therapy Resource Guides for Parents

PPMD has created three new resource pages to help parents prepare their children to participate effectively for Zoom classes and Tele-therapy. The resource pages focus on how to use Zoom, Zoom etiquette, and preparing for a virtual meeting.

Resource: PDF Zoom Etiquette Guide for Students PDF Etiqueta de ZOOM PDF How to Prepare for Zoom Meetings and Tele-therapy PDF Recursos de autocuidado PDF How to Prepare a Student for a Virtual Meeting PDF Cómo preparar a un alumno para una reunión virtual

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