Special COVID Payments: Frequently Asked Questions

The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council, Department of Disabilities, Department of Health, and Maryland ABLE created a factsheet answering questions about the COVID-19 Stimulus Payment and provide information about ABLE accounts. Use this factsheet to help answer the questions you have had about the COVID-19 Stimulus Payment.

Resource: PDF Special COVID Payments FAQs
Section 504

This brief fact sheet gives an overview of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, a law banning disability discrimination in public schools.

Resource: PDF Section 504 URL Section 504
Maryland ABLE Informational Webinar

ABLE accounts allow individuals who receive benefits to maintain those benefits while building assets in a tax advantaged account. This session will provide an overview of the ABLE Act, a look at the features and specifications of the Maryland ABLE plan, information on treatment of account funds, and an opportunity for questions and answers.

Resource: PPMD Webinar Maryland ABLE Informational Webinar
Special Needs Trusts and ABLE Accounts

In this PPMD webinar, guest speaker Mr. Stephen Elville discussed Special Needs Trusts and ABLE Accounts, the benefits and drawbacks of both and what are the questions every family should ask before opening these accounts.

Resource: PPMD Webinar Special Needs Trusts and ABLE Accounts

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