Maryland Transition Resource Guide
Resource: URL Maryland Transition Resource Guide
Secondary Transition Planning Guide for Individuals with Disabilities
A Family Toolkit: Pediatric-to-Adult Health Care Transition

Got Transition and its National Family Health Care Transition Advisory Group developed a new toolkit for families to use during the transition from pediatric to adult health care. It includes a set of tools for youth and parents/caregivers to use to better prepare for the transition to adult care.

Resource: PDF A Family Toolkit: Pediatric-to-Adult Health Care Transition
GOT Transition Webinar Healthcare Webinar & Companion Fact Sheet

Watch this PPMD webinar with GOT Transition for helpful resources on healthcare transition for your youth on PPMD’s YouTube channel, it includes the exciting new Health Care Transition Readiness Assessment for Students with an IEP!  Use this companion fact sheet for all the helpful links.

Resource: PDF GOT Transition Webinar Companion Fact Sheet URL PPMD Webinar with GOT Transition on HealthCare Transition for Youth
MSDE Bulletin on Secondary Transition Services

Secondary Transition is the process of preparing students for adult life after they leave high school. Transition planning begins in Maryland at age 14 as students explore and discover what they want their post-school goals and outcomes to be through career awareness activities.

Resource: PDF Secondary Transition
Questions to Ask When Selecting an Adult Service Provider

Ready to Select an Adult Service Provider for Your Young Adult with Disabilities?

If choosing an adult service provider or agency is part of your youth’s transition from school, you will want to be prepared with questions to ask to help you and your young adult determine which provider or agency is going to be the best suited to support his/her desired employment outcomes.  Here is a list of questions that may be helpful in making this important decision!

Resource: PDF Selecting an Adult Service Provider
Toolkit to Help Boost Successful Transitions for Adolescents

This toolkit offers resources for Title V programs and public health professionals to ensure that adolescents with or without special health care needs receive the services necessary to transition to adult health care.

Resource: URL Toolkit to Help Boost Successful Transitions for Adolescents

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