Preparing for an IEP Meeting: Parent Meeting Worksheet

A Worksheet to help you state your concerns and make sure they are addressed at the IEP meeting. Helps you to articulate the justification behind your concerns, capture the replies and reasons for that reply.

Resource: PDF Parent Meeting Worksheet PDF Example of how to use the Parent Meeting Worksheet
Model Letters

To make sure your requests, concerns and/or questions are understood, it is important to document them in writing. PPMD has a new resource that parents can use for specific requests and situations. Use these samples letters as models when you write your own.

Resource: PDF Discussing a Problem PDF Requesting a Due Process Hearing PDF Request a Meeting to Review Your Child's IEP PDF Requesting a Change in Your Child's Placement PDF Requesting an Independent Evaluation of Your Child PDF Requesting an Initial Evaluation For Special Education Services PDF Requesting Mediation PDF Requesting Prior Written Notice PDF Requesting Your Child's Records PDF Filing a Complaint with the State Education Agency PDF Requesting a Section 504 Plan PDF Request a Meeting to Review Your Child’s Progress -Letter PDF Requesting a Functional Behavior Assessment

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