Webinar: Data Collection during COVID-19

Watch this webinar to learn how to track your child’s progress while engaging in virtual learning from home.

Resource: PPMD Webinar Data Collection during COVID-19
Parent Tips for a Virtual IEP Meeting

IEP meetings will still be held despite not being able to meet in person. Read these tips on how to prepare and take part in a virtual IEP meeting.

Resource: PDF
DD Council Resources

Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council has created a resource to support families engage in virtual meetings. View this resource here in English and Spanish.

Resource: PDF Virtual Meeting Infographic English PDF Virtual Meeting Infographic Spanish
TOP 10 TIPS for Distance Learning for Young Children

Use this resource to learn tips for distance learning if you have young children.

Resource: PDF Top 10 Tips for Young Children
Dreambox Learning

Some schools are using Dreambox Learning – find out what you need to know about this tool.

Resource: PDF Dreambox Learning
Google Classroom for Parents

Your children are likely being asked to access learning via Google Classroom.  Here’s a great resource (in parent friendly language!)

Resource: PDF Google Classroom for Parents
Zoom & Tele-Therapy Resource Guides for Parents

PPMD has created three new resource pages to help parents prepare their children to participate effectively for Zoom classes and Tele-therapy. The resource pages focus on how to use Zoom, Zoom etiquette, and preparing for a virtual meeting.

Resource: PDF Zoom Etiquette Guide for Students PDF How to Prepare for Zoom Meetings and Tele-therapy PDF How to Prepare a Student for a Virtual Meeting